About Inniscarra WebSite

The Inniscarra Parish WebSite is an independent, not-for-profit organisation wishing to provide a service to the residents of the parish and for anyone who wishes to visit us, physically or virtually, for sociable and peaceful purposes.

The cost of running the WebSite will be offset by making minimal charges to organisations or persons wishing to make use of the site for their own purposes, for example, businesses who want us to provide a link to their websites or who want to advertise in any other way on our WebSite, or persons or organisations who wish to notify our users of events to be held. Any such charges will be at the discretion of this group and will be subject to negotiation.

We are indebted to many people of Inniscarra who have helped in the setting up of this Website, and continue to help in researching new information, taking photographs, writing up stories and generally making sure that the information we publish is accurate and that it is not likely to cause offence to any person or group of persons. Many of the articles have been sourced from information originally sent to us for inclusion in the Inniscarra Newsletter, which was published monthly for two years around the start of the Millennium. Where appropriate, material is acknowledged as the work of the individual submitting it.

Much of the information has been obtained from individuals and, as in all things, others may have had a different view. Please contact us with any additional information you may be able to provide, or with any pictures you may have which may help in the understanding of our readers.