Cloghroe National School
Cloghroe’s First Church
During the time of the Penal Code/Laws, mass was said out of doors, on the land now owned by Edmund O’Keeffe, at the location highlighted in the picture on the right. The local landlord, observing their plight, made a site available for a chapel at Currabeha, in the early 1800s. The building that was erected, below left, is still extant about a quarter mile west of the present Church, served as a Church until 1858 and subsequently as a National Primary School. The building on the right was added as a Girls School in 1882 and the middle building was added later. The pictured plaque was moved to the present school where it is in the garden.
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The building in the foreground (left) was built as a Church in the early 1800s and was then converted into a National Primary School in 1858. The building on the right was added as a Girls School in 1882.
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Now used as Commercial properties, the middle building having been added.
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This is where the outdoor Masses were said in the 18th and early 19th Centuries.
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This picture, taken in 1938, shows the old Church which became the National/Primary School. The main road can be seen primed for tarring the following day.
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The old school shown above would originally have had segregated rooms for boys and girls. This stone was part of the school and is now situated outside the present school.

Tower Hall Classes
Circa 1966

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Back Row (l to r): D Ring, T Cullinane, B Manley, Ber Murphy, N Sewell, D Murphy, Joan Sewell, T Ring, Pat O'Brien, V Costello, Eddie Healy and Tim Leary
Front Row (l to r): Mary Horan, M Crowley, G Leary, B McGelligott, Collette Lyons, Theresa (Deirdre) Fitzgibbon, P Lyons, C O'Leary, B Mitchell, Mary Healy
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Back Row (l to r): Denis Corkery, Finbarr Corkery, Val Looney, Michael Buckley, Declan Walsh, Noel Collins, Johnny Horgan, Nessan Sullivan, Pat Healy, Seamus Crowley, Michael McSwiney, Martin McGelligott
Front Row (l to r): Martina Barrett, Noelle O'Mahony, Mary Daly, Mary Fitzgibbon, Siobhan Hanlon, Brenda Piggott, Ann Murray, Bernadette Murphy, Peggy Morrissey, Chrissie Driscoll, Helen Coleman
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We have no details regarding this picture, although we understand that the boy standing third from the left is Barry Murphy, who would have started school in 1961. We would be grateful for any information you could provide.
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Cloghroe National School, believed to be in the early 20th Century
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Cloghroe School 1937

Front Row (l to r)
Kathleen O’Keeffe (Currabeha), Cissy Finnegan (Dromin), Mary O’Reilly (Cloghroe), Chrissie Linehan (Kerry Road), Eileen Murphy (Currabeg), Anna O’Sullivan (Tower), Kitty O’Reilly (Cloghroe), Kitty Bradley (Currabeha), Peggy Dilworth (Currabeha), Sheila O’Sullivan (Canon’s Cross) and Lily May Murphy (Dromin).

Second Row (l to r)
Lily Cronin (Ballyanly), Kitty Casey, Lily Hartnett (Ardrum), Bridgie O’Sullivan (Tower), Kitty O’Sullivan (Canon’s Cross), Nora McCarthy (Cloghroe), Madge Coleman (Dromin), Julia Condron (Model Village Tower), Nellie McCarthy (Cloghroe) and Kitty O’Mahony (Curraleigh).

Third Row (l to r)
Nora Casey, Mary O’Keeffe (Cloghroe), Lily O’Riordan (Cloghroe), Bunty Linehan (Kerry Road), Mary McCarthy )Cloghroe), Annie O’Sullivan (Tower Hill), Nora O’Sullivan (Canon’s Cross), Maureen O’Callaghan (Moneyflugh) and Joan O’Leary (Kerry Road).

Back Row (l to r)
Peg Walsh (Upper Cloghroe), Jean Doran (Moneyflugh), Lily O’Sullivan (Canon’s Cross), Peggy Murphy, Sheila Culinane (Curraleigh), Noreen O’Callaghan (Moneyflugh), Theresa O’Connell (Bridgestown), May O’Riordan (Cloghroe), Peggy O’Sullivan (Tower), Lily Coleman (Dromin) and Jolan Dilworth (Currabeha).
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14 September 1960 Cloghroe National School scholarship winners Eleanor O'Leary, Mary O'Leary and Angela Murphy (l to r)
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Sixth Class, Cloghroe National School, 1958
Back Row:
Donal Healy, Senan Murray, Paddy O'Mahony, Michael O'Connor, Bat O'Leary, Tom O'Mahony, Sean Murphy.
Front Row: Angela Murphy, Mary O'Leary, Eleanor O'Leary, Eileen Murphy, Lucy O'Mahony and Mary O'Brien
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School Tour Group 1958
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