“In the valley below the almost side-by-side Carrignamuck and Dripsey Castles, where the Dripsey River winds right-handed on the last lap of its journey to meet the River Lee, the scene is majestic indeed. Here the castles, woods, pond, turret and watch tower seem to add grace, splendour and romance to a large mill nearby, which is today one of the most modernly equipped and progressive woollen mills in the country.”
Tim Sheehan, February 1972
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At first sight, the small townland of Dripsey would appear to be a picturesque and peaceful place, as indeed it is, but it has had its fair share of excitement in the past and there is a great feeling of the history of the place. The late Tim Sheehan was a local man who appreciated the rural beauty of Dripsey and its surrounds and who wrote lyrically about the area for many years. Sadly, the woollen mills he referred to have since closed down but the rest remains largely unchanged.
In more recent times, Dripsey has become well known for being the holder of the Shortest St Patrick's Day Parade in the World.
It is also the home of one of Ireland's best-known Garden Centres and Cork's premier water sports centre.
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