Saint Senan
Patron saint of the parish, his name decorates both the Roman Catholic Parish Church in Cloghroe and the Church of Ireland chapel in Inniscarra (together with the ancient remains of the church at Garravagh.
There are several differing versions of St Senan's life so, to avoid more confusion, we will concentrate on the content which is generally agreed upon and with particular reference to the significance for the parish of Inniscarra.
Senán mac Geircinn was born in 488 AD in Moylougha, which is situated about four miles east of the present-day town of Kilrush in County Clare. He was well-travelled, and his influence remains in many places. The village of Senan in Cornwall, Plouzane in Brittany (translated as the town of Senan) are two of the places he is known to have visited. He was also in Rome and in many places throughout Ireland.
Having returned from his European travels in 520AD, Senan founded the church in Inniscarra, after which he built a monastery or abbey at Innislinga (Inisluinghe). He was visited by 50 Roman disciples, ten of whom he accepted to support him at Inniscarra, ten were sent to Saint Brendan and the remainder to other monastic schools.
He also founded churches on Deer Island, Inismore and Mutton Island before finally settlingg at Iniscathay, or Scattery Island in County Clare. There, in 534AD, he founded a famous abbey which became the seat of a bishopric with St Senan as its first bishop. He died in 560AD and was buried in the abbey church at Iniscathay. His feast day is 8th March.
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This stained-glass window is installed in St Joseph’s Church in Matehy, due to its association with the parish of Inniscarra.
Bullán: “The Christening Stone”

Baptismal Font or Holy Water Stoup of the early Christian Church at Innislinga.
Removed to Cloghroe in June 1956 before the
flooding of the Valley by the ESB (salvaged near the monastery by Dr DJ O’Sullivan, late of The Laurels, Cloghroe).
Currently located at Cloghroe National School.
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