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Inniscarra Community Centre Funding Appeal

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The energy systems in the Main Hall at Ballyanly have been transformed this year as a result of our commitment to Green Energy.
The walls of the building have been insulated, solar panels have been installed on the roof, and two heat pumps have been installed and commissioned, all at a cost to the Community Centre of almost €20,000, a quarter of the full cost.
It had been our hope that a substantial portion of that cost would be raised by our GoFundMe Campaign and we are very grateful to the 23 individuals who have contributed a total of €2,300. This has been a disappointing response to our plea and we hope that this will improve now that we have completed the work.
Other projects which have been completed this year include the fitting of new outer doors, the addition of a Heritage Centre and workroom and, of course, the major project to improve the drainage of the Community soccer pitches.

We Need Your Help!

You can donate in any of the following ways:
By clicking here to go to our GoFundMe page
By placing a donation in an envelope, write your name on the front and drop it into the letterbox in the Office door or in the Donations Post on the Walkway
Online to the Community Centre's Account (make sure you include your name as Description):
The Inniscarra Community Centre Limited No 1
IBAN: IE54 AIBK 9341 7878 3010 70
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