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The Heritage Collection has been created in association with the Inniscarra Community Centre, to gather together documents and artefacts which will help us, and others, to understand the history of the parish and its people. Many of the items are on display at the Community Centre, and we are grateful to all those people of the parish who were kind enough to donate their possessions for this purpose. We hope that many more will be forthcoming and it will be an ongoing process for us to search out additional items and information so that the history of the parish will be more widely understood by future generations. A group of volunteers meets every Tuesday morning from 10.30am to carry out any work needed on the Collection, accepting new items, cataloguing and recording existing items and updating this website. Visitors are welcome at those times and other visits can be arranged by contacting us through email via our Contacts Page.
The Collection is now quite extensive and there is always work to be done to ensure that the items are maintained in as good a condition as possible
. We need more help to achieve this and any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
If you have items which you think will be of interest to us, please make contact. Photographs will be immediately scanned and returned to you.
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